Shufflebot | 2012

Shufflebot – LMFAO

Made for : A friends birthday party.
Background : The year was 2012, LMFOA were in their prime. Need I say more?
This costume never survived beyond this night. I think I was at the party a grand total of two hours before I got pushed in to a pool. By the way, it’s terrifying trying to swim with a cardboard box on your head.

Things used :

  • sharpies
  • blank grey singlet
  • cardboard box
  • gold spray paint
  • bike lights
  • black organza

Head : A cardboard box I took from work and spray painted gold. I gut out the mouth and put a black organza on the inside so I could see out of it. For the eyes, I painted black circles and then used bicycle lights.

Top : Now I’m actually quite proud of this and it’s the whole reason I thought to include it in my costume write ups. I brought a plain grey singlet from Jay Jay’s and painted on the ‘Party Rock Gym’ design using acrylic paint. That’s right, it was all painted by hand. I think the design was taken from a piece of merch that LMFAO were selling at the time.

Pants : They’re the leggings from my 2009 Leeloo cosplay.

Shoes : Also purchased from Jay Jay’s. I drew the ‘Party Rock’ logo on in sharpie. Another part of this that I was oddly proud of.

Leeloo Dallas | 2009
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