I’m almost there | 11-09-2022

I woke up to over 200 subscribers on my YouTube this morning and I honestly almost cried. That means I’m 20% of the way to having an income by making silly little costumes. I’ve been absolutely blown away by all the love and support that my videos have been getting. It warms my heart the amount of people who have left me comments or messages saying that my videos have helped/inspired them to make their own costumes as it’s the whole reason I started this in the first place.

To think that this time next year, this will be paying off, literally, is a dream come true. Thank you all for helping me get there!


What did I actually achieve this week? Well I finished my Sarah from Labyrinth costume. Super happy with all the upgrades compared to my 2016 version that I gave it. Like ginormous, 80s sleeves, the right skirt shape, fabric that doesn’t fall apart when you look at it….

I’ve come to a sad realization that I’ll probably never be able to travel to any cons with her, well ones that I can’t drive to that is. She ended up much heavier than I anticipated (thanks to using real crystals) and she’d take up way to much of a suitcases weight allowance on a flight. Not to mention the nightmare of how much room just the sleeves themselves would take up. Here’s hoping I get to wear her to Auckland Armageddon this year and it doesn’t end up cancelled again. I really miss conventions okay?

Now hypothetically speaking, because Sarah would no longer be taking up SO MUCH room in a suitcase, that means I can replace her with something else right? It’s my dream to return to Dragoncon one day in the future and I was totally intending to take Sarah with me if that ever were to happen again. But, I had an even better idea when I decided I couldn’t feasibly travel with her, remember how the Hunger Games was filmed in one of the Dragoncon host hotels? What if I made a Katniss and Peeta and took pictures in the elevator? Genius right?

I present to you, my new costume plan of Katniss and Peeta in their chariot attire from Catching Fire. As luck would have it, my husband and I went to the fabric store yesterday for something completely unrelated and he found the most amazing fabrics for these two.

I’m making the executive decision now to not make it from a laser cut leather like in the film because –

  1. expensive
  2. I’m planning to travel with them one day
  3. do you know how hot Atlanta is?

I’m really excited to start these two. It’s kind of reignited a love for the franchise and all of it’s amazing costumes in me. I think it’s a crime I’ve only ever made one – the wedding dress – and I think there may possibly be a few more in my future.

Next week I’ll be starting a spooky Halloween dress just to take a break before diving in to another massive project. With that being said, I should probably go clean up the tornado of mess that Sarah left in my craft room.

Kealy Ann x

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