Allie Hamilton | 2022

Allie Hamilton | The Notebook

Made for : Valentine’s Day 2022

Background : I originally wanted to make this dress replica for Valentine’s last year but a certain pandemic said no. So it became the project for this year. Because I wanted to offer this replica for sale, it was really important that I got it as accurate as possible down to the last seam.

Things used :

  • 3 meters of blue broadcloth
  • half a meter of embroided tulle
  • 18 floral buttons
  • interfacing
  • a vintage belt making kit
  • one oval belt buckle


I drafted the pattern for this dress myself. I started off by drafting one where the sleeves are set in until I found a photo that showed that the sleeves are part of the bodice so I scrapped that one entirely and started again from scratch.

Other than that, it was relatively simple. I altered a basic bodice block pattern, added darts to the front where there needed to be two, added a button closure to the front and changed the neckline for the collar.

It was my first time making a belt and I lucked out with finding a vintage self-covering belt kit at the secondhand store for 50 cents. Although I didn’t add the eyelets of the buckle it came with because they weren’t right. Instead I used an oval buckle that I also found at the same second hand store as it was much closer to the one in the film.

I will be changing the buttons eventually to self-covered ones as soon as mine arrive in the post. However, the ones I found at Arthur’s Emporium totally worked in the meantime. I thought the flower accent matched pretty closely to the embroidered tulle on the collar and cuffs (which is what the new buttons will be made with).

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