Rey Skywalker | 2022

Rey Skywalker – Hero | Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker

Made for : Commission for Lady Ally

Things used :

  • Simplicity 8342
  • stretch iron on interfacing .5 meter
  • plain slub cotton jersey white 1.5 meters
  • rayon pointe knit white 2 meters
  • pure cotton cheesecloth white 3 meters
  • brown leather
  • calico .5 meter
  • heavy duty interfacing .5 meter
  • cotton twill tape .5 meter
  • plastic boning .5 meter
  • velcro 30cms
  • 7″ zipper white
  • 1 hook and bar closure
  • 4 brass D rings
  • 1 brass belt buckle


Top : Made using the pattern drafted by Jen Eyre out of the slub cotton jersey. I didn’t have to make any alterations which was nice. I did add some stretch iron on interfacing to the collar and the sleeves just to help them stand upright. I finished the edges using a blanket stitch on my machine. I originally started hand sewing it before I realized how long it took me to do one sleeve and then I remembered that my machine could do the exact same stitch. If I was going for Rebel Legion approval, I would have done it by hand though.

Sash + Obi : I made the sash by cutting the cheesecloth directly down the centre length ways and sewing the two ends together to create a 6 meter long piece of fabric. I dropped it on the mannequin to find where the shoulder points sat and hand gathered the fabric so it was the width of the shoulder. I then sewed that gathers by machine to keep it in place. It was here that I was going to add snaps to the shoulders so that the fabric wouldn’t shift around but I forgot.

For the obi I cut some of the left over cheesecloth a little longer than the waist measurement. I cut some folded over calico the same way and sort of eye-balled how high I wanted it. On one half of the calico, I ironed on some heavy duty interfacing to stiffen it up. I then even placed 5 boning channels on top of the interfacing which I made using twill tape and plastic boning. Because this part of the structure would be completely hidden by the cheesecloth layer, I folded the calico in half so all the interfacing and boning would be hidden and sewed around the edges using my overlocker. I then sewed the cheesecloth straight over top of the whole thing leaving a little over hang on each end which I folded over and sewed down. On each end I then added three velcro tabs in the back to close it.

Pants : Originally for the pants I started using the pattern drafted by Jen Eyre. I even did all the time consuming top-stitching. However, when it came time to try them on, the front sat fine but the back didn’t even make it a 1/4 of the way up my butt. So I abandoned those ones and used Simplicity 8342 instead.

It was easy to follow and the only change I made was adding a split to the bottom and of course the knee pads. The knee pads were made from a pattern I drafted myself and hand stitched in place.

Belt + Cuff : I made the belt and cuff from some leather hide that I brought to make Babydoll’s leather harness from but still haven’t yet. I used some patterns that I found on Pinterest and went from there.

I sewed D rings in to the belt ends so I would have a way of doing up and slide the belt buckle in place. I glued twine to the back side of the belt as I wrapped it using shoe glue to hold it in place.

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