USO Girl | 2017

USO Girl | Captain America : The First Avenger

Made for : Overload NZ 2017

Background : I was going to wear the first USO girl costume I had made a few years ago, but when I pulled it out of storage I soon realised how highly unwearable it was. I mean, the skirts didn’t even have a functioning waistband on it. So a few days out from the convention, I remade a new one, this time making sure it had a proper waistband.

Things used :

  • Kathy KayDee pattern
  • red satin
  • white satin
  • red bias tape
  • white organza
  • blue spandex
  • silver star patches
  • elastic


Hat : From the first costume. Added a silver star patch in place of the old felt one.

Bodice : This time I drafted a bodice myself making sure to include the princess seams at the bust. I made it from a blue spandex because I was so sure that that’s what the one’s in the film were made from. The collar was from my first costume and like the hat, I replaced the felt stars with new embroidered patches. I pinned the collar in place to the bodice when I wore it.

Cummerbund + Belt : The cummerbund was made using the Kathy KayDee pattern. It was made from red satin and lined with a stiff interfacing. I never did add the closure in the back so I pinned it together on the day.

The belt was from my first costume.

Skirt + Petticoat : Both pieces were made using the Kathy KayDee pattern. The skirt was made from red and white satin. I was so proud of he top stitching I had done on the pleats.The waistband was elasticated.

The skirt was made from three layers of white organza, cute in to rectangles, gathered and sewn together in tiers. The bottom edge of each of the three layers was finished with red bias.

Accessories : The shoes, gloves and stockings were all from my first costume.

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