Lucky Secondhand Times | 03-06-2022

One of my dream dresses I’ve wanted to have in my collection for the longest time now, has been Bella’s birthday dress from Twilight : New Moon. I almost brought one of the Hot Topic replicas a few years back when they were super cheap but the seller ended up ghosting me. Then the Twilight renaissance happened and the prices of the replicas sky rocketed to the point where I knew if I wanted to own one, I’d probably have to make it myself.

I was always on the lookout for a green/gold/black taffeta and even after multiple online searches, I couldn’t find anything close. Then I found a remnant for $3 at the opshop.

I ordered some flocked heat transfer vinyl and patiently waited for it to arrive in the post which it did last week. So this week I set about creating and documenting the process of making the birthday dress.

I haven’t had the chance to take any nice photos of it yet so my construction post is a bit delayed, but I did film everything for my YouTube.

Twas the week for amazing second hand finds though as I came across an old 2000s era Simplicity pattern on Trademe with a $1 starting bid reserve. I couldn’t believe my luck! It was Simplicity 4443, an unlicensed Star Wars pattern that includes options for a Padme and Leia costume. This pattern can go for upwards of $200 on eBay currently.

Naturally, I placed a bid on it and right up until the last half hour, I was the only bidder. Still, the other guy gave up eventually and I got the winning bid of $17. An absolute STEAL for this pattern. It arrived the next day and it seemed luck was still on my side, it is factory new, never been used.

Although part of me wants to keep it brand new, I’ve also always wanted to make Leia’s dress so we’ll just have to wait and see as to which part of me wins.

Next week I’m planning to finish the last little details on my Moana costume so I can have it ready with plenty of time to spare for the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards next month. It’s mostly trims and embroidery left to do.

Until next week,

Kealy Ann x

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