Corset | Simplicity 1139

Made for : Technically this is being made for my updated Sarah Williams from Labyrinth costume, but I’ll be using it with a lot of future costumes.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 1139
  • 3m cotton drill white
  • 1.5 mouse + rabbit double cheesecloth
  • 5m spiral steel boning
  • 50 boning caps
  • 31cm busk
  • 30 eyelets
  • decorative lace
  • 3m bias tape
  • cotton twill tape


I have never made a proper corset like this before and if I’m being honest, I’ve always been a little intimidated by them. Turns out I needn’t be as this Simplicity one was quite easy to follow. My only gripe (which honestly is my own fault) is that I didn’t read the entire pattern all the way through first and so I missed the part that said to sew the seams together using flat felled seams. Instead I sewed my seams together as I normally would, pressed them open and added the boning channels in that way. It doesn’t really matter in the end, it just means that he edges are a little messy on the inside.

I chose a plain white cotton drill for the structural fabric of the corset and double layered it for even more support. The outer or fashion fabric is purely for aesthetics as I wasn’t interested in having a purely plain white corset. The outer fabric I chose is a double cheesecloth with tiny bunnies and mice on it. I also added decorative lace along the top edge, just to add a little bit of visual interest as you won’t ever even see it when it’s worn under all my costumes.

The most challenging part was inserting the front busk. I found the loop side straight forward but I messed up the bump side the first time I did it and had to cut a whole new section of fabric for it. I poked the bump holes to close to the seam line and therefore couldn’t actually do up the front.

All in all, it took me about three days to put together, most of this time was taken up by sewing all the boning channels (there’s so many) and then having to hand sew on the bias tape and decorative laces.

Difficulty : ** Pretty simple as far as corset making goes.
Time :  3 days. I takes a while to hand sew and putting in all those boning channels.

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