Time to Sleep | 21-08-2022

WHAT a weekend! I spent Thursday and Friday rehearsing for the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards and then all day Saturday was the two events. The first being a matinee show and then the real deal evening show followed by prize giving.

I had no idea what to expect of the event considering I’d never been to it before, but I can not get over how incredibly well run it was and the amazing talent that was on display. Who knew Northland could be so creative?

I made some new friends when I offered my makeup services before the shows on Saturday. We all had a blast kicking it back and joking around backstage.

The show itself was so professionally run. I ended up opening in my Moana costume. They even had me walk the catwalk to a song from the film.

And then it was over all to quickly. I did manage to snag an award – Runner up in the Cosplay section so that was a nice little surprise. I’m already planning ahead for next year (I’ve got BIG ideas), and trying to convince as many people to enter as I can.

Some of the other people in the Cosplay category.

In amongst all the rehearsals and shows, I managed to finish another part to my Sarah – Labyrinth costume. I got the skirts done! I’m so, SO happy with the silhouette. It’s big and dramatic just as I’d hoped. The only bummer thing is the weight of it all is now crushing the pannier underneath but I believe that can be solved with some sturdier/thicker hoop steel.

I did have a race against time trying to get the video exported and uploaded to YouTube on Friday before I left for the Bernina rehearsals, but I managed to get it done in the nick of time.

Speaking of Sarah, this upcoming week I’m planning on starting the bodice. I was dreading having to draft the ginormous sleeves, especially knowing I used to have a pattern that worked wonderfully last time I made the gown – Simplicity 1728. I went to repurchase it a few months ago and of course it was out of print. So then I went to eBay only to find it was being sold for upwards of $100. I had sold my old copy for $2.

As one does, I kept checking eBay, trademe and Etsy periodically just in case and my efforts paid off. This week I managed to nab one from an Aussie seller for $20. Here’s hopping it arrives this week so I don’t have to go through the tedious effort of drafting all the poof myself.

After all this, it’s time for me to sleep!

See ya’ll next weekend!

Kealy Ann x

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