For all custom made garments, please send measurements using the guide below.

Feel free to contact me if your are unsure which measurements are needed for your made-to-order garment and I’ll gladly help you out.

Make sure you take the measurements correctly as the fit of your garment depends on it. Never take measurements too tightly : it is easy to take in the garment, but it is impossible to add on material which has been cut away.

Place a tape measure firmly round the waist and see that the person to be measured stands straight.

Bodice measurements


From nape of neck to bottom of tape measure.


From underarm to bottom of tape measure. Usually half of backlength.


Halfway between shoulder and underarm across back.


Length of shoulder from neck to shoulderbone.


From hollow of frontneck to bottom of tape.


Fairly loosely round fullest part of the bust and across shoulderblades.


Halfway between shoulder and underarm across chest.


Firmly around natural waistline.

Skirt Measurements

Sleeve Measurements


As taken for bodice.

Outside Sleevelength

From shoulderbone over bent elbow to wrist in continuation with little finger.

Height of Hip

From waist to fullest part of hips.

Inside Sleevelength

From underarm to bend and to wrist.

Around Hips

Round fullest part of hips (at height of hip), fairly loosely.

Round Arm

Round upperarm as high as possible at armhole, taken loosely.


Around wrist, loosely.


From waist to required length at back.