Twas the week before Christmas | 19-12-2021

This was the last week I had at home before I left for my Christmas Holiday. I took it pretty easy, mostly planning out what I’m going to do for the coming year, fitting costumes in around holidays and film releases, planning which conventions I’ll be attending and the like. Paper work.

I only made one thing in the studio this week and that was two sets of masks for Christmas presents for the family. I chose a retro looking Wonder Woman comic print as she is my mum’s most favourite hero of all time. I made the masks using the free pattern that’s available on Charm Pattern’s website. The cool thing is, is that they’re also reversible.

I ventured out of my studio to do my usual round of the haberdashery sections at the second hand stores. This week was a book week apparently. I picked up three different books. The first is a pattern book filled with full-sized patterns based on the Little Grey Rabbit book series. I’m not familiar with the series itself and actually thought it was a Peter Rabbit book myself as the characters are so similar looking.

The second was 100 Embroidery Stitches. It’s a small book full of simple diagrams on 100 different types of hand embroidery stitches. I’m thinking that I might try a bunch and report my findings here on how easy or difficult that they are to follow.

The third and final book that I picked up was Successful Dressmaking. It’s a dressmaking book that was published in Australia in the 1950s. I adore it! It’s chocked full of everything you could ever need to know to begin drafting and making your own patterns, and just like vintage patterns of the era, it’s written so simply and concise. I can’t wait to use it to draft my next costume pattern.

Speaking of my next costume, I’m planning on remaking my Beauxbatons Uniform in the new year as well as a Durmstrang one to go with it. I’ve began doing a deep dive in to the Beauxbatons uniform again, collecting reference images and researching everything I can. This will also be my next Costume Study that I’m going to share here.

I’ve brought a new hat from VilmaFelting on Etsy which is due to arrive sometime in January. When it does, I’ll be sure to post a review on the blog.

I also brought a new-to-me pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Trademe. These are much more similar to the ones used in the film than the ones I found at the second hand store last week. All I have to do is paint them different shades of blue and add the leather fringe across the laces.

So it was mostly a week of planning for next year and I’m really excited to use my new book to help with drafting what will be my third Beauxbatons uniform. I think I’m finally at a point where I understand how to draft a garment from scratch and get it exactly how I want it to look. So that will be something to look forward to in the new year.

I hope you all have an amazing Holiday season and I’ll see ya’ll next Sunday,

Kealy Ann x

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