Costume Plans | 2022

Its that time of year where I’m publicly posting all my future costume making plans in an attempt to hold myself accountable and actually complete them. So without further ado, I present to you my plans for 2022~

Moana – Moana

First costume plan for 2022 is finishing my Moana that I started last year. I only have a bunch of embroidery left to do on the skirt and then she’ll finally be done.

Allie Hamilton – The Notebook

I actually had plans to do this the year before but as we all know a certain pandemic took over and I lost motivation for it. I’m hoping to have this done for Valentines day so I can offer it made to order if anyone’s interested.

Padme, Picnic Gown – Star Wars

It’s about time I gave this dress another go. I made my first version in 2010, attempted a second in 2016 which got about 80% completed before I abandoned it so this time I’m committing.

If I get this done in time, I’d love to make a matching Anakin to go with it for Cameron but we’ll see.

I’m hoping to have this done in time to coincide with the release of the Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney Plus.

Foreign Student Uniforms – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Just like the Padme dress above I thought it time to do a final version of a Beauxbatons uniform, a costume that I’ve made twice before. My plan with it this time is to do a costume study on it and draft a pattern that I can recreate in multiple sizes so I can offer it for sale. As for the Durmstrang uniform, I’ve always wanted to make it and similarly to the Beauxbatons uniform, I want to offer the pattern up to anyone else who may be interested in making their own.

I’d like to have the Beauxbatons uniform done in time for the release of the next Fantastic Beasts film and the Durmstrang one for Auckland Armageddon perhaps?

William + Jocelyn – A Knight’s Tale

Costumes I’ve had in my to-do list for YEARS. It’s finally time. I’m hoping to have these done for Auckland Armageddon in October.

I know I’ll undoubtedly add more throughout the year but these are the one’s I’m hoping to 100% commit to. Which are you looking forward to seeing done the most?

Kealy Ann x

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