Gryffindor Student | 2019

Gryffindor Student | Harry Potter Film Franchise

Made for : Trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 2019.

Background : This is a costume I’ve had on the go since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out. I’m constantly upgrading and replacing pieces and this is my most recent version.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 8723
  • black cotton fabric
  • burgundy cotton fabric
  • black frog closure
  • Gryffindor patch


Sorting Hat : Completely made by hand by me. It’s too much for me to write about here how I made it again, so please click *this link* to view my entire DIY instructions for it.

Robe : Made from black and burgundy cotton using Simplicity 8723. The only thing done differently than the pattern called for is ling the robe entirely with the burgundy fabric. This was done because I prefer the look of having the whole thing lined in colour rather than just the hood and part of the front panels. I used an iron-on Gryffindor embroidered patch which was purchased from Spotlight to sew on the front. A plain black frog closure was used to close the front of the robe.

I will eventually be upgrading this to the official one from the parks.

Shirt : Is my shirt from my high school uniform. I know the collar isn’t accurate but I love Peter Pan collars.

Tie : Purchased from Universal Studios.

Scarf : Purchased from Universal Studios. It’s the older version which is much more red than burgundy like the new ones. I hope to be able to purchase one of the new ones soon.

Cardigan : Purchased from Universal Studios.

Skirt : Found at the second-hand store.

Shoes + Stockings : My own.

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