Harley Quinn | 2021

Harley Quinn – Prison Break | Birds of Prey

Made for : Funsies

Background : This costume came about because I wanted the full set of Birds of Prey outfits that Harley wore and because I’d already made the confetti jacket, all I need for this one was a pair of gloves and a t-shirt. Simple. I wore it once to Overload NZ in 2 and decided that it wasn’t really a costume that I liked on me.


Shirt : Brought from Ali Express.

Gloves : I made the hands by tracing my own hand and turning it into a template which I then cut out of a bunch of different coloured pleathers. I then sewed these on to a glove shape which I had drafted and cut off any bits that over hung the edge. Then I sewed up the outside seam. I never did get around to adding thumbs to them.

See Confetti Jacket Harley for more construction details and photos.

progress photos

Harley Quinn – Confetti | 2020
Harley Quinn – Black Mask Club | 2021
Harley Quinn – Booby Trap | 202
Huntress | 2021

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