I cut the cape too short | 27-02-2022

Yep, you read that title correctly. I cut my Beauxbatons cape too short. I had it at the perfect length as well and then I looked at it on my mannequin and was like – “hmmmm, that looks far too long, better cut two inches off the hem.” So I did, forgetting how busty I am compared to my mannequin. So of course when I put it on myself if now sits far too high.

As you can see in the above photos, it appears to be the perfect length when it’s on my mannequin and then much too short on myself. Thankfully I have enough fabric left over after cutting out the dress to re-make it again.

Speaking of the dress, it’s almost done! All that’s left to do is sew on the sleeves, add the lining and add the buttons. I’m trying my best to get it all done this weekend because there’s a chance I’m going to be away from home for two weeks this week so I needed to film everything so that I can keep with my YouTube schedule.

Speaking of, Part Two is up on my channel. It’s all about dying the fabric and making the cape. I haven’t yet mentioned in the video about the capes lack of length. I’m thinking I may make it a future video.


This coming week I’ll be painting the shoes while I’m away and that’ll be the uniform completed. So fingers crossed I can get some photos done too!

On an unrelated tangent, I found some amazing fabric on clearance at my local Spotlight store for a costume I’m planning on doing for next year. I don’t usually buy fabrics this far out in advance, especially when I have a few more costumes to make for this year, but these were so perfect and so cheap (like $2 cheap) that I really couldn’t pass them up.

Aren’t they pretty? I’m unsure when I’ll announce the actual costume, but I’m thinking I won’t and I’ll make it and try and have ya’ll guess it while I’m making it! Don’t worry, It’ll be super easy!

That’s all for this week, until next time ~

Kealy Ann x

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