A little holiday | 05-04-2022

As the title suggests, I am having a little (albeit unexpected), holiday. I am currently visiting my husbands family which is why both this post and my YouTube video are late this week.

I’ve brought a few small things down with me to work on, the first of which is the shoes I’m having to alter for my Beauxbatons costume. I’m hoping to get started on them soon, I’ve been having such poor sleeps down here that even getting out of bed during the day is proving to be difficult.

The second thing I’ve brought with me is a brand new hobby! I’ve finally bit the bullet and am teaching myself how to knit. I picked up this insanely cool knitting book from Spotlight called : Knitting Magic. It has in it a bunch of cool Harry Potter related projects including school uniforms, magical creatures and Wizarding World inspired clothing.

I’ve chosen to start with one of their easiest recommended projects, the Beauxbatons cape, and let me start by saying – before buying this book, I had never knit a single thing in my life. I am a quick learner thankfully and am managing to stumble through this pattern thanks to numerous YouTube tutorials. I don’t think this is beginner friendly for someone who struggles to learn fast.

Speaking of Beauxbatons though, my uniform I’ve been working on is about 97% finished. All that’s left to do is hand sew the hem on the skirts but I’ll be doing that once I’m back home though as I didn’t bring my sewing machine with me.

Why’d I not bring my machine down? Good question! Remember how I had taken it in to get repaired a few weeks ago? Well I finally got it back this week only to find out they’d lost one of the thread guides off of it so after having it back for less than a week, it’s gone back to get repaired again.

Hopefully next week I’ll have more to show (ie shoes and my first attempt at knitting) and I’m really hoping to have the 3rd part in my Beauxbatons YoutTube video up soon. Turns out editing a video using only an iPad is a lot more difficult than I anticipated.

So until then ~

See ya’ll next week!

Kealy Ann x

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