Bella Swan | 2022

Bella Swan – Birthday Dress | Twilight : New Moon

Made for : Funsies

Background : I’ve wanted to make this dress FOREVER, but because it’s so simple I wanted it to be perfect. This meant matching thew very particular colour-shifting velvet flocked fabric that it’s made from.

I’d searched for the fabric for years and never found anything close, but as luck would have it, on a random op shop visit, they had a small bundle of the green/gold taffeta and I figured I could cut the flocked flowers with my Cricut.

Things used :

  • New Look 6393
  • 2m green/gold taffeta
  • 1m black velvet ribbon
  • 2m scalloped black lace
  • 5m black flocked HTV
  • green invisible zipper


The first step in this costume was designing the flocked pattern that covers all the fabric. The small singular roses were simple as there were plenty of high quality reference images available of it online. Al I had to do was find one I liked, bring it in to procreate, trace and viola! Flower template ready to bring in to the Cricut. The border piece that runs along the bottom of the skirt though, that was another story. I really struggled to find any clear reference images of it, being the bottom edge of a skirt they were always bunched up and folded in on themselves. So I painstakingly searched the web for as many reference images I could find and jigsawed together a flat border pattern as best I could.

After drawing out the flowers in Procreate, I brought the designs in to Cricut’s create space, tidied them up and scaled them to the size I wanted. It was then a matter of selecting cut and letting the machine do it’s thing. When all the border pieces and flowers were cut I had to weed out all the excess bits of vinyl that weren’t needed and this whole process took around two days.

With the long and hard part out of the way I began work on the dress itself. I cut all the pieces of the bodice out but changed the back piece from two separate pieces to one cut on the fold. This was because I was going to move the zipper from center back to under an arm. I also decided to use a different skirt pattern so I could have it gathered at the waist just like the film one. Luckily I had just enough fabric for this. I then ironed on all of the flowers and border pieces taking care to match them as closely to the film ones as possible.

Next was sewing the dress together. I started doing this exactly as the pattern called for with the exception of the zipper placement and skirt. Before sewing the neck and arm facing in, I added a scalloped lace in-between. Before the zipper was added in the side, I sewed a length of black velvet ribbon along the waistband.

The dress was then hemmed using hem tape to give a nice crisp and invisible hem.

Bella Swan – Prom Dress | 2022
Bella Swan – Wedding Dress | 2020
Lorraine Baines – Prom Dress | 2016
Queenie Goldstein | 2018

Difficulty : * (almost ** just because of the vinyl cutting and weeding)
Time : 3 days

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