A Surprise Picnic | 2-10-2022

I wasn’t able to film a video for my YouTube this week as I was out of town, busy celebrating my husbands graduation!

It was so nice to have a much needed few days away.

But, coming back home I realised I probably should try to have a few videos in the bank so that next time I take a holiday week, I’ll have something to upload.

And then Armageddon Auckland got cancelled for this year.

It sucks, it’s my Christmas time and I was so looking forward to attending as I hadn’t been to a con in two years. It’s why I was making my Sarah and Jareth costumes. So, I’m putting Jareth on hold for now as I have to order some crystals for his jacket and I may as well wait until they arrive before putting it together.

So with the postponement of Jareth and needing to film a few videos, I decided to start putting together my Fembot from Austin Powers.

I probably could have finished the whole thing in one day but I’ve been so tired from the traveling that so far I’ve only made the underpants, and one glove. It’s now Mondays project. After she’s done, Austin will be next.

On Saturday whilst buy glove fabric for the Fembot at Arthur’s one of the employees asked if the fabric was for the cosplay picnic the next day. This was the first I’d heard of it and I was shocked to hear it was also organized by my best friend. Turns out she’d forgotten to post about it at all.

Well I went at the start time and it was pouring with rain. So only four of us showed up for it. The skies cleared after an hour or so, so we went and took some photos at a nearby park.

I was so happy to finally get some nice shots of my Birthday Bella costume!

Until next week,

Kealy Ann x

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