Something Cancelled, Something New | 09-10-2022

I started this week off by diving straight in to making a Fembot costume that I should have been wearing to Auckland Armageddon Expo in a few weekends, but alas it was cancelled. (Read about why here).

Super happy with how my Fembot turned out though, and I was especially happy that I got to sew most of it using period appropriate vintage 1960s patterns.

On Friday/Saturday after uploading my video for the week, I began work on a quick little funny costume for my best friends Hobbit themed 30th birthday. I was debating whether or not to be goth hobbit or Gollum. In the end I settled on Gollum because I though it would be most funny.

I made the loin cloth from some brown scrap that I found at the secondhand store and sewed it to an elastic waistband. I wore dance tights on my legs and 3 pairs of stockings on my arms to keep warm. I also painted some Gollum nipples on the skin coloured top (it just didn’t look right without them). I carried a fish with me all night that was filled with lollies. It was a great success.

Before the party began, I was paid a quick visit by Hannah, aka CosplayCyanide who had come up for it. She gifted me two of her old costumes she no longer wanted – Mrs Lovett and Katrina van Tassle.

I CANNOT wait to take some photos in these absolutely gorgeous costumes! I’m hoping to get some done before Halloween so keep an eye out on the gram!

Next week I’ll be starting on Austin Powers, which reminds me, I should really go clean my sewing room.

Kealy Ann x

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