Star Wars Bedsheet Dress | Butterick B6094

Background : I’ve been hoarding far too many duvets with the intention of turning them in to dresses. This week I finally started doing that again.

Things used :

  • Butterick B6094
  • Butterick B6556
  • a Star Wars duvet
  • 2x Star Wars buttons
  • 1/5m interfacing
  • 14″ zip
  • matching thread


I LOVE this pattern. This has to be my 4th time using it and it just keeps getting better every time.

Putting it together is relatively simple and straight-forward. Though there are two steps which I think are slightly out of order. The first is after you’ve sewn the lining in – it calls for you to sew the lining to the bodice along the back flaps, arm holes and neckline leaving the shoulder seams free. It then says to under stitch the neck and arms but you physically can’t do the arm holes if you’ve also sewn up the back flaps, there isn’t enough room. In future, leave the back flaps until after you’ve done the under stitching. As a result, I had to top edge stitch these areas instead.

The second is having to hand stitch the lining to the zip in the back. I turned mine inside out and sewed it via machine so the only hand sewing I had to do was the waist of the lining to the bodice.

I made some slight changes to the pattern. First I opted to leave out the built in petticoat. This is just personal preference as I like being able to switch out which colour petticoat and it’s fullness depending on my mood.

The other was the addition of pockets! Pockets are a must on any of my garments. I used the pattern pieces from Butterick B6556 (my go to for this) and added them to the side seams of the skirt.

I’m very happy with the results (as usual) and this won’t be the last time you see me use this pattern.

Difficulty : *
Time : 4 hours

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