Costume plans | 2023

Its that time of year where I’m publicly posting all my future costume making plans in an attempt to hold myself accountable and actually complete them. So without further ado, I present to you my plans for 2023 ~

Viktor Krum – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

First costume plan for 2023 is finally getting around to making these dang dress robes. I have started on a mock up and I had hoped to have them done by Christmas 2022 but life uh happened.

New due date is Valentine’s Day 2023. I thought it would be really cute to do Viktor and Hermione together with my husband this time.

I also plan to take this outfit with me next time I visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to take adorable photos in front of the castle together.

Harley Quinn : Nightclub Dress – Suicide Squad

I’ve slowly been buying all the pieces needed to remake this costume over the past few years so I can film a tutorial for my YouTube channel. I’ve just about got everything ready to go, I only need to buy a larger diamante chain for the back straps.

No plans to wear this to any conventions yet, maybe Auckland Armageddon as it’s a cool costume for a hot month.

Sakura : Red Dress – Cardcaptors

Another ‘finally getting around to finishing this’ costume. I started Sakura in 2018 and it’s mostly just the embroidery along the skirts hem that I have left to do. Oh and make the petticoats. Sew the bows on everywhere. Sort a staff. Actually, there’s quite a bit left to do.

Plan is to have her done for Overload so I can enter their competition again.

Katniss Everdeen + Peeta Melark : Parade Outfits – The Hunger Games : Catching Fire

The hope is to eventually make it back to Dragoncon one day, and as part of this film was made in one of the host hotels (The Marriott Marquis), I thought how neat would it be to recreate the elevator scene?

So far I have all the material brought for these two.

Rapunzel + Flynn Rider – Tangled

Similar to Katniss and Peeta, I hope to make it back to Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party at Disney World one day. I thought it would be very magical to wear these costumes to that event and take photos at the lantern photo op in front of the Tangled bathrooms.

I’ve been collecting fabrics and hope to start them soon.

Jupiter Jones – Jupiter Ascending

This is going to be my BIG project for the year. I will be entering it in to the Northland Bernina Fashion Awards which are taking place in October.

I’m really looking forward to tackling the headdress.

Wednesday Addams : Rave’N Dress – Wednesday

This is the most recent addition to this list and that’s because I only just watched the episode, but I fell in love with the gorgeous gothic dress and had to have it in my own personal wardrobe for everyday wear.

Padme Amidala : Picnic Gown – Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones

And finally, this is my ‘if I get everything else finished then I’ll start on this’ costume.

I’ve been collecting materials, sequins and whatnot for it for the last few years now. I may not get it finished but I will definitely get it started.

Let me know which you’re most looking forward to seeing completed!

Kealy Ann x

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