Happy New Year | 8-1-2023

Happy new year!

I know things have been slow on the blog and youtube channel, but I’ve been busy with friends and family and holiday stuff. Plus I currently have no device on which to film anything on. I have a new phone on the way though which is meant to arrive this coming week so I can finally get stuck back in to filming videos for YouTube and actually finishing the projects that are currently sitting in limbo.

One of those projects is an Ariel Disneybound made from a vintage 1980s pattern.

All that’s left to do is sew the lining down around the waist and hem the skirts. Maybe give it an iron too. I had originally made this to wear to a wedding on the third but I miscalculated the bust area when I was sizing it up and it ended up being too small. (Friendly reminder to always make a mock up!) Cue emergency trip to the dress shop the day before the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, I was very privileged in that I got to do the bride’s hair and makeup. It’s something that I used to do for a living many moons ago but now it’s something that I’ll do as a wedding gift for friends.

The gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. Pearfield

Plans for the upcoming week is to pick back up on the Durmstrang uniform I started before Christmas once my new phone arrives. I’m quite excited now that someone has lent me the use of their bathtub to dye the fake fur for it in. I was stressing quite a bit as to how I was going to dye all 2.5 meters of it otherwise.

See ya’ll next week!

Kealy Ann x

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