Spongebob Recycled Sheet Fashion | Butterick B5882 + McCall’s M6613

Things used :

  • Spongebob duvet
  • Spongebob flannelette sheet
  • White cotton
  • Butterick B5882
  • McCall’s M6613
  • 6 green buttons
  • Matching 22″ zip
  • Matching thread
  • Interfacing
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Unpicker
  • Water soluble pen
  • Pins


By now you should know that I enjoy up-cycling duvets in to pinup inspired fashion. I like picking styles that I could theoretically wear to the big theme parks over in the States. When I saw this Spongebob set, I knew it would be perfect for Universal Studios. It would be a dream to wear it while watching Squidward dab in the parade.

I had brought what I was told were two duvet covers and intended to make two dresses from them, but when they arrived, one was a stained duvet and the other was a flannel sheet. I decided to make the duvet in to a dress anyway because they stains weren’t that noticeable, just tiny pin-pricks really and I though I could sell it at a much discounted rate.

For the dress, I used Butterick B5882. Its a pattern I have used a few times before but never fully constructed the entire thing myself or followed the instructions completely. When I had made this previously, I had done silly things like – leaving all the lining out – or – not bothering to add boning or interfacing to the bodice. Honestly it’s a miracle my previous versions of this dress turned out wearable at all. This time however, I followed at the instructions perfectly. The only part that gave me any real difficulty was the pleated bust panel. It’s a little bit fiddly and finicky to get right.

Now that brings me on to what I would have considered a completely useless flannel sheet. Don’t get me wrong, it works perfectly as a bed sheet like it was intended, but I was expecting another cotton blend duvet, not a slightly fuzzy fabric. When I thought all was lost, my husband suggested that I turn it in to a flannel shirt. Absolute genius he is.

I decided to use a pattern I had used before which was McCall’s M6613. It’s a unisex shirt pattern which I thought would be great for this print. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It’s such a comfortable shirt!

I’m also really pleased with how the photos of them turned out! I roped in my husband and his sister to do the modelling of them for me and we headed down Mission Bay. The beach was insanely over-crowded as usual but through some photography and photoshop magic you wouldn’t ever know we were surrounded by a billion people.

Butterick B5882
Difficulty : ***
Time : 8 hours

McCall’s M6613
Difficulty : *
Time : 2 hours


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