90s Mickey + Friends Sheet Dress | Simplicity S8946

Things used :

  • A 90s Mickey Mouse + Friends duvet
  • Off white cotton sateen
  • Simplicity S8946
  • Matching 22″ zip
  • Matching thread
  • Interfacing
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Unpicker
  • Water soluble pen
  • Pins


Last year, in 2020, my mum turned 50. It was her intentions to have her birthday celebrations in the wonderful world of Disney at Walt Disney World in Florida. One small problem, she lives in New Zealand and a little thing called Corona happened.

For her planned birthday, I had made her a dress to wear on her trip. It was made from a 90s Mickey Mouse duvet cover that we found when we were op-shopping together. I wasn’t originally making it for her but once she’d seen it finished, she said she had to have it to wear to Disney World.

Cue about a month after I’d finished it, COVID happened and New Zealand went in to lockdown, closing it’s borders to the outside world. We figured this would last a couple months max, but here I am in 2021 and our borders are still closed with no sign of reopening soon.

So I decided to get mum all dressed up, doing her makeup and taking her in to town to take a bunch of pretend Disney World photos. Just to keep her going until she can travel overseas again. However long that might be.

The dress itself was super simple to make. It probably took me about half a day max to put together. It is definitely a pattern I would recommend for a beginner sewer. The only thing I would change about when I’d make it next time is – I would add pockets and I’d change the zipper in the back to an invisible zip.

Styled with ~

    The “before”

Difficulty : *
Time : 4 hours


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