Emily | 2013

Emily | Corpse Bride

Made for : Overload 2013

Awards : Best Technical – Overload 2013

Background : My friend convinced me to go to Overload about a week out. So the weekend before, I decided to try and make this in two days.

Things used :

  • white organza
  • white crepe
  • blue lace
  • faux pearls
  • boning
  • eva foam


Wig : I have no idea where this came from. It’s possibly one of the first (of many) purchased from eBay. But I literally did no styling to it other than half-heartedly teasing the ends a bit.

Veil : I braided some left over scrap fabric from the dress into a headband. I then attached a length of white organza to the back of it. The organza was then shredded around the edges. I attempted to discolour it using different shades of blue and black food colouring.
The flowers were fake roses that I spray-painted navy blue and then glued to the headband.

Makeup : I painted my whole body with blue and white Aquacolor. For the rotted bits of skin, I put down a base of latex and tissue paper first. It was all sealed with copious amounts of baby powder.
For the part where you can see the teeth through the check, I used fake nails cut to teeth shapes and glued on using eyelash glue, then latex and tissue over to blend in to my face skin.
This was my first time using contact lenses and although I’m glad I did because I don’t think this costume would look good without, I’ve never worn them again for a costume since. I decided it wasn’t worth the effort of putting them in nor the panic attack that came when trying to take them out later on.

Corset : Made as per the usual pattern instructions using a gorgeous white crepe. I trimmed the top and bottom edges in a light blue lace and stitched faux pearls on. I finished it with eyelets in the back and laced it up with navy bias tape because I had a bunch of that laying around.
For the ribs, I cut out a section of the corset where I wanted them to go. I then fashion some ribs from eva foam which I sanded in to a bone-like shape and painted white. This was then glued to a scrap of black fabric and placed behind the corset fabric and stitched in place.

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