Katniss Everdeen | 2014

Katniss Everdeen – Transformation Gown | The Hunger Games : Catching Fire

Made for : Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014

Awards :

  • Best in Show – Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
  • New Zealand Champion – Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
  • Tran-Tasman Champion – Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014

Background :

My costume choices are easily swayed by whatever media I’m consuming at the moment. This year, I was all about The Hunger Games. I know you shouldn’t, but I adored the Capitol and all the fashion that filled it. So I was pretty excited when Katniss was dressed by Cinna in a gorgeous transforming wedding gown fit for the Capitol.

Initially, I only intended on making the wedding dress, but then part way through construction I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if it transformed? Then the idea was born!

I went in to competition that year sold on the idea that I would win best skit, so you can imagine my devastation when the prizes for best skit were handed out and my name wasn’t called. I was so sad that I literally started packing up my things and was heading out the door as my name was called for best in show. A shock to say the least.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 5006
  • Burda 7086
  • Burda 6997
  • white poly cotton
  • white tulle
  • white lace
  • white feathers
  • black feathers
  • black organza
  • navy crepe
  • worbla
  • rhinestones


Hair : My hair was done by my friend Sam the morning of the convention. She worked at the hair salon with me and had a talent for braids.
The feathers were made by me. I glued them to some bobby pins and added the rhinestones on top.

Wedding dress : I made a base dress using Burda 7086. I stuck some feathers and tulle to the bodice and then spilt an entire can of coke over it. I tried but couldn’t get the stain out. So I added more tulle and feathers to cover it which unfortunately added a bunch of bulk to the bodice too.
When I decided to make this a tear-away top layer, I put a strip of velcro in to one of the side seams so I could rip it off quickly.

For the skirt I made one continuous length of poly cotton with a layer of tulle over top. On the tulle layer I sewed on eyelet lace and rows of ruffled tulle. I cut the length in to four pieces of decreasing length and ruffled them. They were then sewn to the base skirt with the shortest length starting at the top and getting longer as it went down.
The skirt closed at the side with a heavy duty snap and the side seam was left open. The seam did overlap itself as to hide all the layers underneath.

The silver cage bit was made from worbla. I drew on it the shape I wanted and began the tedious task of cutting out all the individual shapes. Once cut out, I heated it with a heat gun and while it was still warm, I molded it to my body by holding it in place as it cooled.
I painted it using a silver automotive spray paint and then glued on all the tiny rhinestones.
I attached to the bodice by strategically tack sewing in places.

Flame dress : The flames dress was made using Simplicity 5006 as a base and adding alternating layers of red, orange and yellow tulle and tinsel. After it was sewn, I shredded the ends using scissors to give it more movement and a flame like look.
It had one single heavy duty snap on the side at the waist and that side seam was left unconnected so it could be removed easily.

Mockingjay dress : Made using pattern Burda 6997. I opted to not add the straps because they would be visible under the wedding dress layer.
I made the crepe layer first and then hand painted the feathery design on. Then I added the organza layer over the top.

The wings were made using a wing shape layer cut from felt. I chose to use felt so that I could wrap the wings around my body and using a booby pin, pin them in place. I found this was the best way to eliminate the bulk. I glued hundreds of black and white feathers on to both sides of the fabric. They then attached to the back of the black dress via safety pins.

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