Blondie | 2013

Blondie | Sucker Punch

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2013
Background : My dream cosplay group was a full group of the girls from Sucker Punch. I soon realized that if I ever wanted this to happen in New Zealand, that I would have to make them all myself and have my friends join me. So that’s exactly what I did.

Things used :

  • brown faux leather
  • grey spandex
  • browny grey spandex
  • grey spandex
  • lots of black elastic

Bodysuit : I know I used a pattern for this, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I do remember I had to alter the panels so I could have the ones around the waist have different seams and be different coloured fabrics. And I know I added the center front seam so I could put in the zip.
After it was all sewn together, I finished the seams and edges in a black elastic.

Gloves, belt and holster : All made from brown faux leather with rivets and studs placed in the appropriate areas. Once again, I don’t remember how I did this, because my friend lived 9 hours away so I know I didn’t do the glad-wrap method like I would have today for the gloves.

Weapons : Dad made the axe from wood and wrapped the handle and head in leather. The gun was purchased from a dollar store.

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