Hermione Granger – 2009

Hermione Granger – Gryffindor Robes | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Made for : My 16th birthday party

Background : I identified a lot with Hermione in high school so naturally wanted to be her at my Harry Potter themed birthday party.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 5840
  • black poly cotton
  • red poly cotton
  • gold ribbon
  • red ribbon


Robe : Remember the good old days when there was very little pattern variety in the costume department? Well that’s why we ended up using this off-brand Star Wars pattern and converting it to a Harry Potter robe. I think the only thing my mum altered on it was making it shorter and making the sleeves end in more of a point.
I also asked if she would line the whole thing in the red fabric because I always thought it weird that the colour was only ever on the inside front panels in the films.
The Gryffindor badge was made by printing off the logo found on the internet to some iron-on transfer paper then ironing it on to a heavy fabric stabilizer.

Tie : I found a plan red tie at a thrift store (which took way longer than you’d expect) and sewed some thin gold ribbon on.

Shirt : The shirt was literally my school uniform shirt.

Cardigan : I found a dark grey woollen jersey from Farmer’s and like the tie, I sewed on some gold and burgundy ribbons.

Skirt : Also a thrift store find. Though it did originally fall to the floor. My mum cut it to my length as I was wearing it and then hemmed it.

Gryffindor Student | 2019
Fleur Delacour | 2013
Hermione Granger – Yule Ball | 2013
Beauxbatons Student | 2016


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