Leeloo Dallas | 2009

Leeloo Dallas | The Fifth Element

Made for : Auckland Armageddon Expo 2009

Background : The Fifth Element is my all time favourite movie. So I knew for my second convention that representing it was a must!

Things used :

  • orange vinyl
  • black ribbon


Wig : This was my first ever attempt at a wig. And this was back in the day where you couldn’t really order off of ebay in New Zealand yet so that’s how I ended up with this shiny party wig monstrosity.
The wig was purchased from Arthur’s Emporium, the local Aladdin’s cave type store. It was very long. I remember putting it on one of my soft toys heads so I could cut it. I also attempted to style it in the dreads by twisting some hair putty in. It did….. something?…….

Shirt : The shirt was found at a thrift store. Mum cut it to length while I was wearing it. It was only fractionally too short!

Suspenders : To this day I’m actually still proud of how these turned out considering there was no way I was about to attempt to make a silicone pair myself. My dad was the one who suggested to make them from vinyl. Luckily Arthur’s Emporium had the perfect shade of orange in stock.
To get the shape, I lay down on the vinyl, we traced out my shape, then on one side drew the shape I needed the suspenders to be, repeated on the back and then cut them out while it was folded in half to get a perfect mirror.
I then sewed the front and back pieces together at the shoulders and crotch.

Belt : Thrift store!

Pants : The pants were a pair of leggings in the perfect shade found at Supre. They were just missing the black stripes.
Mum had this brilliant idea of gluing black ribbon on to create them. So that’s what we did.
Only she had to do it while I was wearing them so they’d be stretched to my leg shape. This probably wouldn’t have been such a problem if she hadn’t have sprayed the ribbons with an industrial adhesive. It glued the ribbons to my pants alright, and my legs underneath. When the glue was dry and I took the pants off, I also took off a few layers of skin too and had the ribbon marks on my legs for weeks afterward.

Boots : They’re Uggs okay?

Props : My dad made me the Multipass and blaster out of wood. He painted them both. I made the ID for the Multipass in photoshop and printed it out and glued it in myself.

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