Alice | 2015

Artwork by Tess Fowler

Alice – Apocalypse | Alice in Wonderland

Made for : Hamilton Armageddon Expo 2015

Background : Back when people used to organise massive cosplay groups for conventions. Someone decided to do a group of the apocalypse Disney Princesses by Tess Fowler. I chose Alice because someone else was already doing Ariel.

Things used :

  • my 2015 Alice cosplay
  • 1950s French police helmet
  • worbla
  • a box of spacemen candy
  • assorted perfume bottles
  • leather gloves
  • satin slip


If you want to see the construction notes of the dress and apron, CLICK HERE. All I changed was leaving the bow off the waist belt and distressing everything with scissors and acrylic paint.

Helmet : I brought the helmet from Kiwi Disposals the local Army surplus store. I was told it was a 1950s French police helmet. I painted the skull on with acrylic paint and once dry, scratched it off in places so it looked worn and weathered.

I made the cigarette carton from a spaceman candy box. I painted it using red and white acrylic paint and did the lettering with Sharpies.

The heart and smiley fave were made with left over chunks of worbla. They were painted with acrylic paints and tied to the black strap around the helmet using strips of scrap, torn poly cotton.

Accessories : Most of the potion ‘bomb’ bottles were all my empty perfume bottles I had been hoarding. There’s Curious by Britney Spears, two Wonderstrucks by Taylor Swift, and the last one is a bottle of red food colouring. They were tied to the waist belt using scraps of torn poly cotton. For extra security on the glass bottles, I hot glued the strips on so they wouldn’t fall off.
The caterpillar was made from worbla scraps and tied on same as the bottles.

The gloves were also brought from Kiwi Disposals. The leg warmers worn under the gloves and over my shoes and stockings were my own. As were the stockings and shoes.

Alice | 2015
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