Alice | 2015

Alice | Alice in Wonderland

Made for : Auckland Cosplay Picnic 2015

Background : A bunch of people had organized an apocalypse Disney group based on the artwork of Tess Fowler for later on in the year. I was going to do Alice. I decided to make the dress ‘normal’ first and wear it to this picnic before I distressed it.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 2325
  • light blue poly cotton
  • white poly cotton
  • white eyelet lace

Headband + Wig : I think I picked the wig up from BodyFX with the voucher I won from my Corpse Bride cosplay a couple years prior. As you can see, I still didn’t really style my wigs other than taking them out of the bag and chucking some bobby pins in the fringe to keep it out of my eyes.
The headband was a piece of black satin ribbon tied around my head and one of my black hair bows clipped in the center on top.

Dress : I followed the dress pattern from Simplicity 2325. I chose to use poly cotton because it was cheap and I knew I’d just be distressing the costume later for the Apocalypse look and didn’t want to waste money on a good fabric.
For whatever reason, I never put the buttons on the blouse. It may have been because I didn’t actually know how to do button holes at this point in time. I also left the ruffled hem off the bottom of the skirt, once again due to distressing it later I thought it would have been an unnecessary feature.

Apron : Made from the same poly cotton fabric as the dress but in white. It was my own pattern made from a series of rectangles and squares. I made a long rectangular loop that covered up a waist belt of mine so I could wear it over the top of the dress and apron to give me some shape.
I made a bow to go in the back. Once again, a series of rectangles. I stuffed the main bit of the bow with some poly stuffing and it was a little too much.

Petticoat + Bloomers : The petticoat was a mini soft tulle one that I borrowed from my friend Soph. I made the bloomers from left over white poly cotton. Only problem was, that I didn’t have enough fabric to make the crotch long enough so they didn’t sit at my waist but just below my hips. This also meant that I couldn’t put the elastic waistband in so I sort of just stuffed the top of the bloomers in to my stockings. The bottom bits had a really nice eyelet lace trim though.

Stockings and Shoes : Shoes were purchased from Number One Shoes. Stockings were white ones that I had ‘borrowed’ from my highschool’s costume department and still had laying around.

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