Daenerys Targaryean | 2015

Daenerys Targaryean – Qarth Gown | Game of Thrones

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2015

Background : Remember when Game of Thrones was the cool, hip thing? Well 2015 was peak that era for me. I had made Margaerys wedding gown and wanted another from that world so I went with my second favourite character – Deanerys. I chose her Qarth gown because it looked simple enough and I had a wig that would work for it. I was wearing it in the dead of winter in windy Wellington so I opted to wear a fur shawl with it to keep me warm.

Things used :

  • blue chiffon
  • many different beads
  • hot glue
  • gold fabric paint
  • gold spray paint

Wig : It was one of the blonde wigs that I had brought from BodyFX with my voucher I won for my Corpse Bride costume. If you see in the photos below, it hung in loose curls. To change that I braided the whole thing with lots of little braids. I then passed each of them through my hair straightner and left them to cool. Once cool I undid each braid and brushed it out giving me the wavy texture I was after.
I then did one small braid on either side of the head and pinned it under the rest of the hair using a bobby pin.

Dress : I brought several meters of a blue chiffon whilst I was in Australia earlier that year. I hand-painted all the gold splotches using gold fabric paint and a sponge.

The pattern itself is super simple! It’s just a bunch of rectangles. I found it over here *click me*. It’s a step by step tutorial of how to put the whole dress together.

For the shoulder pieces and belt, I made them from hot glue. I printed some templates I found online made by Yleniamanganelli, to my size, covered them with baking paper and traced over the design with hot glue. Once to glue had cooled, I painted the pieces with gold spray paint.

The beads on the front of the dress were just a collection I found from a variety of different craft stores. Though I did shell out for the screen accurate cicada ones which I found on Etsy at the time. The beads were all strung together using gold wire and hung from the front of the gold belt.

Daenerys Targaryean – Wedding | 2015
Margaery Tyrell – Purple Wedding | 2015
Robb Stark | 2015
Margaery Tyrell – Mourning | 2019

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