Columbia | 2015

Columbia | Rocky Horror Picture Show

Made for : Rocky Horror Screening

Background : I found out they were doing a screening of Rocky Horror down at the Silos in Auckland in they were encouraging everyone to dress up, so I decided to make my favourite character, Columbia!

Things used :

  • McCall’s M6143
  • Simplicity 5006
  • Kwik Sew 3854
  • gold foil fabric
  • black glitter fabric
  • black cotton
  • multiple different coloured ribbons
  • multi-coloured sequins
  • interfacing


Hat + Wig : I brought a cheap top hat from the dollar store and cut the brim from the hat. I then covered both pieces in left over jacket fabric and sewed the brim back in place. The wig I wore to the screening was a borrowed one from my friend Soph. The second wig that I wore to Christchurch Armageddon Expo was an Arda in the style (I think) Magnum in shade Cherry Red.

Jacket : I found this gold foil fabric that I thought would work well in place of a gold sequin fabric which I couldn’t for the life of me find anywhere at the time. I sewed it together following the McCall’s M6143 pattern exactly. For the black fabric in the lapels, I originally brought black disco dot fabric because once again, couldn’t find sequin fabric at all. Only issue with the disco dot is that my machine hated sewing it. It flat out refused. So then I found this weird glittery black furry fabric that would have to do. I think it was lined with a black poly cotton.

Corset : Made from black cotton using Simplicity 5006. It was strengthened using a layer of interfacing and plastic boning. I hand stitched on every single sequin. Something I was so proud of at the time and something I neglected to do on my 2017 version because of how time consuming it was. It did up in the back using hook and eye tape.

Shorts : Made from a thick black cotton using Kwik Sew pattern 3854. I sewed the different coloured ribbons on to the shorts as before anything else was sewn together.

Accessories : The pink bowtie was brought from a dollar store. It was far too big and for the second time I wore it, I tried to fold it in on itself. The socks and stockings were also purchased at the dollar store. Shoes were from Number One Shoes.

Columbia | 2017
Janet Weiss | 2017
Riff Raff | 2017
Harley Quinn – Booby Trap | 2020


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