Columbia | 2017

Columbia | Rocky Horror Picture Show

Made for : Dragoncon 2017

Background : I had organized a full Rocky Horror group for Dragoncon that year and original I was going to do my fav, Columbia but then my mum came too and wanted to be a part of it and there was no way she’d be doing someone like Janet so I offered her my Columbia. I did get to wear it first to a local cosplay party in NZ though.

Things used :

  • McCall’s 8701
  • Kwik Sew 3854
  • gold sequin accordion pleated fabric
  • black sequin accordion pleated fabric
  • black cotton sateen
  • various colours and width ribbons
  • cheapo top hat
  • pink sequin bowtie


Hat : I had brought a cheap plain black top hat from the local emporium. I used this a s a base and recovered it using my gold sequin fabric. I had to cut the brim from the hat though in order to sew the sequin fabric on right the way round, but then I sewed it right back on. I then finished it with a strip of the black fabric in place of the original black ribbon and a black bow made from the sequin fabric.

Jacket : Made using McCall’s 8701 . I used this pattern on my last Columbia build and it worked so well that I used it again. The tails and lapels were lined with the black sequin fabric and the inside of the jacket was lined with a black cotton. The sequin fabric was a little see-through and I wish I’d backed the black in something before sewing it to the gold.

Bodice : I did make one for this but I never ended up using it because I never got around to adding all the sequins to it like last time. So, both mum and I wore it with a plain black top underneath.

Shorts : Made the same as last time as well using Kwik Sew 3854. Though this time I sewed all the ribbons on before sewing the pattern pieces together. Made it so much easier.

Accessories : Pink sequin bowtie and fishnet stockings were brought from Arthur’s Emporium. Pale blue socks were brought from Farmer’s.

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