How do I summarize this week? | 5-12-2021

Something I’d like to start doing on the blog is a roundup of things I’m working on, have done during the week that don’t necessarily deserve their own post but I want to share nonetheless. So here goes!

I started this week off with the launch of my Marvel Disney+ merch. After having to wash all the shirts I’d made because I’d discovered that the Cricut Infusible Ink was useless and fades dramatically after one wash, I replaced them all with vinyl cuts instead. Much nicer and much crisper. The vinyl was the stuff that I ordered from Ali Express to see if it were any good, as it’s a fraction of the cost of the Cricut branded stuff here. I had absolutely no issues with it and will definitely be buying more of it in the future.

They’re available in my store right now.

Speaking of Etsy, I got stung with some massive fees this month too, so the sooner I can grow my business to the point where I can host selling on my own website, the better.

I’ve had a few commissions to work on this week. Two Mr. Sparkle shirts which makes me happy as it’s one of my favourite prints and I do love making the shirts, and a pig!

The pig is for a very special little girl who loves Richard Scary. This one was a test one to see if I could alter a stuffed cat in to a pig and well, I think it worked pretty well. Now I need to clothe him and make him a twin.

I’ve been working on getting my Tuxedo Joker costume all ready for it’s final photo shoot before I list it on Etsy. That meant making the only part of the costume that had gone missing – the waistcoat.

I honestly don’t mind that that was the piece that had disappeared as I made the first one in a rush the week before I was leaving for Dragoncon back in 2016. I saw this as an opportunity to see how much my skills had improved since then. Turns out a lot!
I think I managed to find the exact suiting fabric for the front of the waistcoat that I made the original from in 2016 so that was a cheeky bonus. The satin is an upgrade for sure though. The original I brought the cheapest white satin I could find from the emporium but this time I got a nice, thick bridal satin.

Anyway, practically finished the waistcoat, I only have a bit of hand stitching to do so I took out the rest of the costume to see how it was looking all together only to discover that the right side of the jacket lapel has had all the hand stitching rot. I gently ran my finger along the stitches to see how far it went and thankfully it is contained to just the lapel. Though this does mean I now have to repair all that stitching myself. Just when I thought I was almost done.

Anna aka Anna Terwiel Photography sent me two photos this week. The first was a sneak peak at the photo shoot we did last weekend of our Anna and Elsa costumes. I do appreciate that she sent me the derpiest one she could find.

The second is of a fountain. I’m dying to shoot my Cruella at a fountain but with Auckland currently having it’s borders closed (and me really not wanting to risk catching Covid there for a photo), I’ve been unable to shoot Cruella at one of their many gorgeous fountains.
Whangarei up until this week, had one fountain at an Italian restaurant which was small and covered in horses. But, apparently now there is a second! It’s not as big and grand as the Auckland ones, but it’s also a lot safer and easier for me to get to right now. So hopefully we’ll be able to shoot there this coming week.

Lastly, all the final items I was waiting to arrive in the post for months for Moana have turned up. So Moana is back on my mannequin and I’m hoping to get back in to working on her and having her ready for sometime in January!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed looking in to a snippet of my work week.
See y’all next Sunday!

Kealy Ann x

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