Robb Stark | 2015

Robb Stark | Game of Thrones

Made for : Wellington Armageddon Expo 2015

Background : I’d finally gotten in to Game of Thrones which was currently four seasons deep, so almost in a bid to play catch up, I was pumping out the cosplays this year. Robb was my fourth I made during my peak hype era in 2015. It was also my first foray in to making armor.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 4059
  • Simplicity 4923
  • brown upholstery suede
  • brown carpet
  • brown linen
  • calico
  • EVA foam
  • leather belts
  • brown leather jacket
  • brown scarf
  • fox fur stole
  • black gloves
  • black boots


Hair : I did the hair but putting pin curls in to damp hair with a setting lotion sprayed in. They were left to set over night and looked truly amazing the next day, however as Wellington usually does, it rained and the curls got wet on the way in and fell out and then everyone refered to him as Jon Snow all day. Even though Jon wore all black at that point. So when I did it again for Auckland later in the year, i used bobby pins to hold the curls in place just in case. Good thing too because it also rained then as well.

Cape : I brought a length of a carpet like fabric. I wanted to make a circle cape but there wasn’t enough fabric to cut it and in typical me fashion I had brought the last of a roll. So I rounded the bottom edge of the rectangle and then gathered the top edge so it was the same width as his neck. I added two leather belts on either side of the top of the cape on the inside and they crossed over in the front and belted together in the back to hold the whole cape in place. Lastly it was topped off with a brown fox fur stole from the costume hire shop I worked at at the time.

Tunic : I used Simplicity 4059 as a base for this which I made from calico first. Then I cut a bunch of EVA foam rectangles and squares and glued them directly to the calico fabric. I then cut pieces of the upholstery suede being careful to match the seams in the reference photos and glued this directly to the calico, sandwhiching the foam in between. I worked in small sections with the glue and suede, making sure to mold the suede around the foam. For the ‘rivets’ I used gold paper pins which I put in by cutting through the suede and foam and pushing in place.
I made ‘bias tape’ from the left over scraps of the suede which I cut in to strips. I glued them to the edges of the tunic. I then painted all the seams and rectangles with acrylic black paint to weather everything.
I made small leather buckles which attached to the tunic front and back at the shoulders and sides.

Underclothes : I made a pair of trousers for a Jack Sparrow costume a couple of years earlier out of brown linen using Simplicity 4923. The leather top was a brown leather jacket that I had thrifted and it was worn backward.

Armor : This was my first time making armor and I chose to make it from EVA foam. I started with the gorget because it seemed simple enough. I cut the shape out and used a heat gun to round it to the chest. I used a thinner piece which I glued on top to give it the extra layer. For the rivets, I used googly eyes.
The arm pieces were made from foam too and molded and shaped using a heat gun and glue.
It was all painted with silver spray paint and weathered with black acrylic paint once dry.

Accessories : The neck cravat was a brown scarf that I had thrifted. The black gloves were brought from Kiwi Disposals, the army surplus store and the boots were brought from Number One Shoes.

Sword : My dad made they sword entirely from wood.

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