Princess Ariel Disneybound | Simplicity 8383

Princess Ariel – The Little Mermaid | Disneybound

Background : Back in 2014 I made a green dress Ariel costume. Wore it a few times and then sold it on. About four years later I ended up possessing it again after someone else was looking to get rid of it. It was in a right state by that point and I had very intention of fixing it up but of course it ended up abandoned in my massive to-do pile. Until I found this particular pattern at the opshop.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 8383
  • 2.5 meters teal quilting cotton
  • 2 meters mint green glitter chiffon
  • 18″ invisible zip teal
  • 1/2 meter interfacing
  • 1.5 meters twill tape
  • 1.5 meters plastic boning
  • 1/5 meter of 1cm wide elastic
  • matching thread

I found this 1980s prom dress pattern – Simplicity 8383 at my local secondhand store for a grand total of 20 cents. It spoke right away to my Disney loving heart as I knew it would be a perfect base for making some Disneybound’s with.

I decided that my first dress would be an Ariel Disneybound and I decided that my old costume from 2014 would make a great sacrifice.

The base dress was made following the pattern exactly as written from some tie dye looking quilting cotton. The sleeves and over skirt were made with the glitter chiffon fabric taken from my 2014 Ariel dress.

I absolutely adore how this came together and breathed new life in to an old costume that I probably would have thrown out. I’m hanging on to it so I can wear it to my next trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Aurora – Disneybound | 2021
Snow White – Disneybound | 2016
Ariel – Pink Dress | 2017
Ariel – Green Dress | 2014

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