Snow White | 2016

Snow White – Disneybound | 2016

Made for : Trip to Walt Disney World 2013

Background : One of my very first Disneybounds. Ariel is my favourite princess now that I’m an adult and Snow was my favourite as a id so for my first trip to Disney World I had to do a bound as her. I drew up a concept and mum made me the shirt from a 1970s blouse pattern and the skirt I wore to Disney was vintage. The second time I wore it in 2016 I wore a circle skirt and petticoat from the costume hire shop I was working at. I consider the version in 2016 to be the final version of it because of the haircut I had at the time worked so well for it.

Snow White | 2014
Aurora – Disneybound | 2021
Ariel – Disneybound | 2023
Ariel Disneybound | 2021


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