Busy but not too busy | 12-12-2021

In the words of Tim Tracker – “Christmas is starting now”. This was my second to last week before I close up my online store for the Christmas holidays. I had a few things to do but I wasn’t overly busy which was nice. Oh and did I mention that by the time you’re reading this, that I’ll be off celebrating my 1st year wedding anniversary? Because I will be. I can hardly contain my excitement!

Anyway, here’s what I got up to this week.

I started the week by finishing up the two little pigs commission I’d been working on. I made up a second pig and made them both matching polo shirts and jean shorts. If you want to read about them in a bit more detail *click here*.

I finished up my old Joker cosplay. I completed the replacement waistcoat and repaired the rotten stitches on the tail coat. I also did some research in to the age of the jacket. I knew it was old but I had no idea how old. Turns out it’s around 120! No wonder why the stitching in it had started to deteriorate.

I found an old photo of it from when it was last worn in the Dragoncon parade in 2017. So please enjoy this in the meantime until I’m able to shoot it with it’s new waistcoat.

I had another Mr. Sparkle shirt commission. I was hoping to get it all done in one go but it got so hot in my studio with the blazing iron on all day that I had to take a break. I hope to have it finished first thing on Monday morning as all that’s left to do is add the collar and one more sleeve.

As you’re reading this, I’m currently celebrating my first year wedding anniversary. My mum came up with a really neat suggestion that we should take a photo each year re-wearing our wedding clothes and so, that’s exactly what we did.

Cameron and I donned our wedding garb on Wednesday and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t fit mine anymore but I needn’t have worried. We then had Anna of Anna Terwiel Photography snap a few quick photos of us. I even managed to get the one shot of my gown that I really wanted to take on the day but didn’t. It was of the back of it to showcase all the detail but I’d forgotten to because of being swept up in all the excitement on the big day. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and so thankful that my wedding album is now complete.

If you’d like to see more of the photos from our wedding day, *click here*.

Lastly, I did my weekly round of the op shops in town where I check out what’s new in the haberdashery section. I managed to score some awesome vintage plushie patterns including brand new, unopened copies of the Simplicity Disney plush 1945 reproduction patterns for 50 cents each. Which was crazy because I was actually considering buying them myself next time they went on sale at Spotlight. I can’t wait to make the utterly terrifying Mickey and Minnie sometime soon in the future.

I also managed to find a pair of shoes that I thought would make an excellent base for my next Beauxbatons uniform, they just needed a lick of blue paint. However, upon researching the brand on the internet, I discovered that they were made by Jeffrey Campbell and he also made a pair that would be much closer in design to the films shoe. After a quick search on Trademe, I found a pair of these other shoes in my size, and hopefully as you’re reading this, I’ve placed the winning bid.

Whilst in town, I thought I better check out the new fountain, just to get an idea of the scale of it in real life and, well, it’s going to be perfect for my Cruella shoot.

So next week I hope to re-style my Cruella wig and shoot the costume (finally). I’m going to be taking the week easy as it’s my last week before I leave for my Christmas holiday. Which also means that I’ll me closing my Esty store on Friday while I’m on holiday.

Thanks for checking out my week again and I do hope you stop by again next Sunday,

Kealy Ann x

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