Cinderella | 2016

Cinderella | Cinderella

Worn for : Dragoncon 2016

Background : I had just scored my dream job working as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand. Because I was earning such a decent income, I decided to treat myself to a dream cosplay commission. I scoured the internet looking at the many people that offered Cinderella’s ball gown but it wasn’t until I saw a video of Phoenix Cardinals gown in motion that I knew I had found the right one. I brought her second most expensive option because I didn’t think the one with the train would be a good idea to wear to Dragoncon. It arrived literally the morning I was due to leave for the States, so that was a bit stressful to say the least. And I’m still not sure how I managed to this day, but I packed this dress along with five other costumes and three weeks worth of muggle clothes in one suitcase. Must have been magic.

Things used :

  • clear vinyl pumps
  • iridescent cellophane
  • modpodge
  • hotglue
  • butterfly hair clips
  • iridescent rhinestones
  • ash blonde wig from Wig is Fashion


Wig : I brought a long curly ash blonde wig from Wig is Fashion. I, to this day, have no idea why I cut it. It was the perfect length straight from the bag but I cut it much too short in the back. It also had the perfect curls but I straightened it and attempted to re-curl it myself. This was during the time when I had no idea how to work with synthetic hair. I can style human hair brilliantly, but I’m no good when it comes to synthetics. I styled it four separate times, each more comical than the last and wrecked the wig in the process. It’s my least favourite part of the entire costume and I wish I’d just replaced it instead of trying to salvage it.

Shoes : I started off with a pair of clear vinyl pumps. They had a glitter heart on the front which I did my best to cut out.

I then scrunched up a bunch of iridescent cellophane and cut it in to small triangular shapes. Using PVA glue, I glued each triangle on to the pumps and let it dry. Once dry, I covered the entire shoe in Mod Podge to seal in the cellophane.

I took two identical butterfly hair clips and removed the butterflies from the clip. Using a thick gold cord, I sewed the butterflies to the front of each each. I put a dab of hot glue on the back to keep them extra secure. I then decorated the butterflies with stick-on iridescent rhinestones.

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