Well that went fast | 16-01-2022

Sorry for disappearing over the Christmas/New Years period, I kinda got swept up in everything going on around me! But I’m back now and back to creating things in my studio.

Speaking of which, I finally put up the last set of shelves in my room and was able to get rid of the book shelves that were sitting on top of my table. There is so much more room now and I’m able to roll out entire bolts of fabric with ease. I also added a magnetic knife rack (missing from the photo below) above the thread holder as a place to hold my scissors. It works wonderfully.

Oh, I launched my store on my website. No more extortionate Etsy fees for me. I had a really successful first week too. I sold a few things and had a few people inquire about custom made pieces. One of those was a replica of Marilyn Monroe’s baby blue polka dot dress. I JUMPED at the opportunity to recreate it as I’ve sort of been contemplating making it for myself anyway. I found the perfect polka dot fabric at Spotlight and I’m hoping to have it completed tomorrow.

Another project I’m hoping to start soon is my next Beauxbaton’s uniform. I have everything I need right now and am just waiting on my hat to arrive. I’m really happy with my fabric choice this time around, I’ve picked a lightweight satin called sandwash satin. It drapes beautifully and I imagine it’s going to be quite nice to wear in the Florida heat as it’s light and breathable, something my last one wasn’t. I’m very nervous about mixing the right shade of blue dye though.

And finally, I celebrated my 30th birthday! My husband took me to do my favourite thing in the morning which was visiting all our local second hand stores. I managed to find a 1970s sewing guide book, a Pokemon duvet cover (for real cheap -$4), and a 1890s small leather suitcase which I’d been on the hunt for for a while, I wanted one to store all my memory bits and pieces in. I then got to go out to dinner with all my friends at my favourite Chinese takeaways place. A great day.

Mum’s incredible trifle she made for my birthday.

I hope you all had a fantastic start to your new year and I’ll see y’all again next Sunday

Kealy Ann x

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