Make stuff, sell stuff, buy stuff | 23-01-2022

I started off the beginning of the week by finishing up two commissions. The first being a replica of Marilyn Monroe’s baby blue polka dot dress. I’d made the top previously using a pattern I’d already had but this time I drafted the skirt myself. The second was a Star Wars duvet skirt, with pockets.

I listed a bunch of costumes for sale in fandom appropriate Facebook pages and managed to sell a few Harley’s. I can’t wait to see the photos the new owners take of them.

I decided that before I posted them off, that I wanted to start taking white backdrop photos like my fav maker Kelldar does of all her costumes. I think it’s such a great way to catalogue everything while keeping it looking cohesive. So I got a 2m length of dowel, stapled 3m of white blackout curtain fabric to it and then hung it outside on the house. I am beyond stoked with how the photos turned out.

Bonus photo of my first model on the backdrop – Mum’s cat Ninja.

I think the only thing it needs now is some sort of lighting set up and it’ll be perfect.

I got a commission for a Rise of Skywalker Rey costume which I’m super keen to start. I’ve brought all the fabrics and I’m currently researching patterns that will work. So far I think my best bet are the ones drafted by Jen Eyre.

The lighting in my room makes the fabrics look way more yellow than what they really are.

Speaking of costumes, my Beauxbatons hat finally arrived! It’s not as nice as the last one I had commissioned but until I can afford to by another from Tess, this one is just fine. It’s made from one piece of felted wool stretched over a hat form and doesn’t have any lining or structure on the inside. Definitely not as sturdy as my Tess one was though I do love the colouring of this one.

And lastly, I found a dream costume for sale on Trademe of all places. It’s a gorgeous replica of Bella’s prom dress from Twilight. I have a feeling it’s from the same lady who sold me my replica Bella wedding dress on Facebook a year ago as pickup is the same place. I was hoping that I would have had it in my hands by now so i could have at least tried it on but she still hasn’t organized a time for me to collect it yet. Here’s hoping I have it by next weekend!

Catch me recreating this photo next weekend.

Kealy Ann x

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