Betty Cooper | 2017

Betty Cooper – River Vixen | Riverdale

Made for : A winter cosplay gathering

Background : I was very much in to Riverdale at this point in my life and constantly swooning over Jughead. I’m not that much of a fan of everyday clothes costumes so I opted to make the River Vixens cheerleader outfit as it’s ICONIC.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 3689
  • Blue polar fleece
  • White polar fleece
  • Yellow polar fleece
  • White merino
  • Black felt


I made the entire outfit using Simplicity 3689. I know I modded the pleats in the skirt to make them accurate to the show.

I used polar fleece for the majority of the outfit because I was wearing this in the dead of winter. It made it quite tricky to sew in some parts where there were several layers of fleece sitting atop one another.

I made the megaphone from felt and the ‘R’ from fleece. I satin stitched along the edges to make them look like appliques.

The turtleneck was made from a soft merino wool.

Betty Cooper – Dream | 2017
Jughead Jones | 2017
Jughead Jones – Dream | 2017
Babydoll | 2011

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