Ariel | 2017

Ariel – Pink Dress | The Little Mermaid

Made for : Funsies

Background : I’d always wanted a version of the pink Ariel dress that FireflyPath made for Traci Hines. I could never afford the price tag of getting one commissioned for myself so I had a go at making it instead.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 1728
  • pink faux dupioni silk
  • cream ribbon
  • embroidered silver tulle
  • holographic glitter tulle
  • champagne satin
  • white lace
  • pearls


First off, let’s start with a fun fact about this costume. I ordered the pink dupioni silk online. I got a test swatch first and it was a gorgeous pale pink, exactly what I wanted so I then proceeded to order about 6 meters of it. When it arrived, it was the HOTTEST of pink and the cost to ship it back for an exchange just wasn’t worth it. So I made it with what I had but I was never happy with it. Hence why there are so few photos of it because I sold it immediately with the intention to make it again.

I made the whole dress using Simplicity 1728. I altered the sleeves by taking out the huge amount of poof and putting in a small puffy slashed sleeve.

I used view A for the skirt. The top layer was made from the pink dupioni silk and I trimmed the edges in embellished appliques (which I had cut from some tulle), so many meters of gathered white lace and a bunch of ribbon bows which I’d made by hand and sewn a string of pearls to in the center.

The underskirt was made from a layer of champagne satin with a holographic glitter tulle layered over top.

Under the dress I wore a hoop skirt and bum roll to give it it’s shape.

One thing I really loved about this costume is that I got to use my own hair with it.

Ariel – Pink Dress | 2017
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