Babydoll | 2017

Babydoll | Sucker Punch

Made for : Funsies and a commission.

Background : This is about two Babydoll’s made at the exact same time. I started making one in my quest for the perfect Babydoll for myself and then got commissioned for one at the same time.

Things used :

  • Simplicity 8190
  • navy blue flannel
  • grey flannel


The whole reason I decided to have another go at making Babydoll is because I found some near identical buttons on eBay and that was the excuse I needed.

Compared to my first Babydoll, I much preferred the sailor collar on this one as it was one solid piece. I used Simplicity 8190 as a base for the top. I altered it so that there were buttons down the center front and cropped it to sit above the waist and put a waist band along this edge with belt loops. I also changed the length of the sleeves. I cropped them so they were elbow length but they should have been a fraction longer.

I completely drafted the skirt myself this time but it was still too long and the stripes were too wide.

Babydoll | 2021
Babydoll | 2021
Babydoll | 2011
Sweet Pea | 2013

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