Betty Cooper | 2017

Betty Cooper – Dream Sequence | Riverdale

Made for : Dragoncon 2017

Background : At this time in my life, I was OBSSESED with both Riverdale and vintage fashion. So when Riverdale did it’s episode that began in a 1950s style dream sequence I knew I had to make something from it. I wore it to the badge collection day of Dragoncon that year.

Things used :

  • olive green upholstery fabric
  • pink satin ribbon
  • gold and pink ribbon


Almost this entire outfit was found at the second hand store. Although the blouse was the one I wore for part of my Harry Potter uniform and I made the skirt.

I found it really difficult to find a green fabric that was anywhere close so I ended up with this upholstery fabric from Spotlight. It was okay but the gold designs on it were a bit too prominent. I made a simple circle skirt and sewed on the ribbons in layers to match Betty’s. I did originally buy the pink flowers to add on as well but never got around to it.

Jughead Jones – Dream | 2017
Betty Cooper – Rivervixen | 2017
Jughead Jones | 2017
Gryffindor Student | 2019

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