RIP Sewing Machine | 07-02-2022

As the heading suggests, my sewing machine fell victim to *I haven’t been serviced since before the pandemic and you use me everyday*. I wish I could say I was surprised but….. What’s happened is the tension has gone completely out of whack. It keep getting tighter and tighter and no matter what I tried to do to fix it, it became unusable. But never fear, my mum has kindly lent me hers in the meantime and it’s the exact same model as mine, and mine is booked in to get serviced at the end of this month.

Before that happened though, I was making a sheet dress out of a cute Pooh bear tiki print using Charm patterns l’amour dress. I got so far in fact that all I had left to do was to join the bodice to the skirt and put the zip in the back. I might do that today and then it will be up for sale here in my store.

I FINALLY started on a dress for Valentine’s day as well. I had planned to do this dress last year but that’s when the panaroma really affected my husband and I and we ended up moving around that time instead. Anyway, it’s a replica of Allie Hamilton’s dress from The Notebook, you know, the iconic blue one she wears in the rain during that scene. I’ve been self drafting the pattern trying to get it as accurate as possible and I’m on to my third mock up at the moment. I’m secretly hoping the heavy rain sticks around till the end of this week so I can use it for a photoshoot…

Lastly, this morning I was browsing the buy and sell pages on the internet as I’m like to do and for whatever reason, I searched gold taffeta on Trademe and was rewarded with a gorgeous 100% silk dupioni. I snatched it up because that is SUCH rare fabric to find for sale in New Zealand at a reasonable price and this one was cheap as dirt. Of course I brought it for the corset part of my Picnic Padme that I’m hoping to start in the second half of this year. I still can’t quite believe my luck!

So back to working on my Valentine’s dress and I’ll catch ya’ll next week.

Kealy Ann x

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