Harley Quinn : 2017

Harley Quinn – Jester Suit

Made for : Dragoncon 2017

Background : Because I was doing all the Harley Quinn outfits from Suicide Squad for Dragon that year, I also wanted to do the -blink and you’ll miss it- jester suit that paid homage to the Alex Ross comic cover. I had never made a bodysuit like this before and it was well out of my normal dress wheelhouse. I was never happy with my first version that I ultimately wore to Dragoncon and ended up tweaking a few things for next time I wore it.

Things used :

  • McCall’s M7217
  • McCall’s M7397
  • Simplicity 8434
  • red 2 way stretch pleather
  • black two way stretch pleather
  • white cotton
  • black leather


Version 1.

Cowl : I drafted this myself and it shows. I’d never made anything like it before and I think it was definitely something that would have benefited greatly from having a pattern to go off of. I think I made it by tracing my head and going from there. Needless to say the neck did not fit well at all. The horns I don’t actually mind too much because I had based them off of the ones seen in the film and they were massive.

Collar : Just like the hood, this was self drafted. And I HATE it. I had no idea what I was doing and just winged it. It was far too bulky and big for my liking.

Bodysuit : Made using McCall’s M7217. To this day and am super proud of this body suit. I had to alter the pattern to accommodate my two way stretch pleather as the pattern originally called for four way stretch. I got all of the seams to line up perfectly which is something that I never bothered with previously.

Gloves : Made using McCall’s M7397. Just like the bodysuit, I had to alter the pattern to accommodate two way stretch instead of four.

Wrist ruffles : Made from 3 meters of pleated ribbon that I hand sewed in to place. I added a small bit of elastic to each so I could slip them on and off with ease.

Boots : I wore my Squad Harley boots with this as I never made boot covers in time.

Version 2.

Cowl : Made using Simplicity 8434. Altered to accommodate for two way stretch instead of four.

Collar : Made using Simplicity 8434 from plain white cotton fabric.

Wrist ruffles : Same from version 1.

Bodysuit : Used the version 1 suit as I loved it.

Boot covers : Made using Simplicity 8434. Altered to accommodate for two way stretch instead of four. I added leather pads to the bottom to help with the wear and tear.

Harley Quinn – Jester | 2020
Harley Quinn – Squad | 2017
Harley Quinn – Nightclub | 2017
Joker – Tuxedo | 2017

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