Harley Quinn | 2017

Harley Quinn – Squad | Suicide Squad

Made for : Dragoncon 2017

Background : I wanted to wear all Haley to Dragoncon this year so I made all her outfits from Suicide Squad. Now that the film had been and gone from theaters, there were so many more reference photos online so I remade a whole bunch of things from my 2016 version.

Things used :

  • white burnout fabric


Hair/wig : For Dragoncon, I dyed my hair. I went from dark, dark brown to platinum blonde. I chose to dye my actual hair as it was cheaper than buying multiple wigs for the different looks I was doing over the weekend. I had the blonde bit done at a salon as I didn’t want to risk damaging my hair. I dyed the colour bits myself using Lust dyes in New Zealand and Splat once I’d gotten to the States to top up the colour.

When I got back to New Zealand after Dragoncon, I decided the maintenance was too much so I dyed my own hair my usual bright red and brought the pigtail Harley wig from Wig Is Fashion. I much prefer the look of my own hair though.

Jacket : Hot Topic. I added chains to the sleeves.

Top : Made exactly the same as my 2016 version. I used the pattern I had drafted for that one, hand painted on all the red and lettering with fabric paint and heat sealed it. Strategically cut holes in it. Did a bunch of tiny stitches along the red line in black and some more in white along the front.

Shorts : Hot Topic.

Accessories : Belt and gun holster were brought from Hot Topic. Puddin choker and Yes Sir wristbands were from eBay.

I made the spiked cuffs myself buy using plain gold wrist cuffs as a base. I then asked my dad to drill a series of holes in them and then I screwed in some gold spike studs.

Boots : Started off with a pair of base boots from eBay. I altered them by changing the shape of the upper calf bits, adding red in places where there should be red. Making holes where there were vents in the toes and calf flaps. I made Adidas logos and stuck them on the velcro strap and the tongues.

Weapons : See my Nightclub Harley for more details on how I made the gun. The bat was a replica purchased from Ikon Collectibles.

Harley Quinn – Squad | 2016
Harley Quinn – Nightclub | 2017
Harley Quinn – Confetti | 2020
Harley Quinn – Red Dress | 2021

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