Baby Pink | Advance 9077

Things used :

  • Advance 9077
  • 3 meters baby pink vintage fabric
  • 14″ zipper
  • 1 meter white piping
  • matching thread
  • 1 meter of light pink poly cotton
  • 1/2 meter interfacing
  • 1/2 meter twill tape
  • 1/2 meter plastic boning


This is very quickly becoming my most popular pattern and I can see why!

I was sent 3 meters of this gorgeous baby pink, vintage fabric to work with and boy was it nerve wracking knowing I only had a very limited amount to work with. Absolutely no room for error. Thankfully though, construction was a breeze.

The original pattern calls for only the bust panel to be lined but I prefer to make my dresses with a little more structure so I line the entire bodice and add plastic boning in the seams. I think it looks so much smoother as a result.

The only part of this pattern that I find remotely challenging is the making of the spaghetti straps. One day I’ll by that specially made tool for the job I swear.

Difficulty : *
Time : 3 hours

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