Tiki Pooh | Charm Lamour Dress

Things used :

  • Charm Patterns – Lamour Dress
  • Vintage Pooh Bear duvet cover
  • 1/2 meter blue cotton
  • 1/2 meter plain calico
  • 1/2 meter cotton twill tape
  • 1/2 meter plastic boning
  • 18″ zip
  • 1 meter interfacing
  • 4 snaps


I knew as soon as I found this Pooh Bear sheet at the second hand store that it NEEDED to become a tiki dress of sorts. The hibiscus flower print was screaming out for it. After a bit of research into different patterns I decided upon the Charm Lamour pattern.

This was my first time sewing a Charm Patterns dress and I think I did a fine job. Right off the bat, I’ll say I did find the pattern a little difficult to follow at times, it was a bit mealy in places. Definitely NOT beginner friendly.

Both a blessing and a curse of this pattern was all the different options available to make in the one pattern. I love having options but it meant I really had to be paying attention to which set of instructions I was following.


Because I was using a limited amount of fabric, I really had to Tetris in the pattern pieces and wasn’t able to pattern match as well as I would have liked if I was using a brand new fabric.

The part of the pattern I found the most difficult to follow, were the instructions for putting together the sarong skirt. It may have just been me but I felt like there were instructions missing for the gathered puff bit on the side and I couldn’t wrap my head around how they said to attach the underskirt to the side seam. In the end I ~*made it work*~ for me.

Other than that, it was a pretty straight forward pattern to follow and I will most likely use it again for something in the future.

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Difficulty : ***
Time : 10 hours? I had a several month break in the middle because I got frustrated with it.

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